The Enemy Inside

Bill Balbach

Reflections of "ME." Who we are must be defined. It is time for us to be honest with the enemy that lurks within us all -sin- as we let go of our self-will and embrace God's powerful will through Jesus.



About the Book

The Enemy Inside examines the struggle of sin that lures within us all as we let go of our self-will and embrace God’s powerful will through Jesus. The battle of the heart has a tendency to alter the choices that define our lives. This does not, however, need to define you. Taking an aerial shot of the saga between David and Saul, we gain wisdom and move forward to seek a Christ-centered lifestyle that can change the world.


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Testimonies & reviews

I have finished your book and it was excellent! I love to read a book that is full of meat and potatoes!  God's love, truth and call on our lives to be who He created us to be were intertwined in the words of your book- an idea that God gave you and you persevered till completion. Anyone who reads your book with an open heart will be changed, challenged, or both.  I pray that God blesses this book mightily!  To think that people who you will never meet will be in heaven because you were faithful to share Jesus in your book,  "The Enemy Inside." I hope and pray that God inspires you again with more words of wisdom!



Only 30 pages in and already finding so much wisdom! I want all my friends to get this book.  It applies to all of us no matter what stage of life we are in. And it's a great read!!! I give it two thumbs up!



I just wanted to say thank you and that you are reaching through my crappy week and helping me readjust and push through. I finished the book, what a blessing.


Pastor and author Bill Balbach takes a practical and biblical approach to 'the enemy within' - sin. He shares honestly and personally. At the end of each chapter he includes a personal reflection page to help the reader process and think through life challenges. This book would be great for a group study. Well done!